HOST AN EVENT AT THE Gardiner Street Arts Collective

Venue Hire Information

We welcome you at the Gardiner Street Arts Collective Space to enjoy, create and explore.

We request you adhere to the following requirements of hire. Please read carefully and should you have any questions or issues don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours in Community,
The Board,
Gardiner Street Arts Collective.


  1. Students and users of the space health and wellbeing are our prime concern
  2. When the building is being used /booked for artistic purposes only people directly involved are only allowed able to access the building.
  3. All people working with children must have a Working With Children card.
  4. Building access permitted after contact with the Co-ordinator and the booking approval. This is essential to comply with occupational health safety and insurance guidelines. Access is not permitted at any other time.
  5. Bathroom and kitchen cleanliness is a responsibility those of hiring the GSAC Space.
  6. GSAC will provide cleaning products and toilet paper.
  7. Kitchen is a communal space therefor must be left clean.
  8. The Change Room or Meditation room is the room beside ‘Dance Room’. If booked furniture/equipment must be put away to keep this space clear.
  9. Any personal belongings are responsible of the owner only.

Any use of spaces other than specified in the Agreement of Hire MUST be agreed upon by the Co-ordinator

Please note -:

  • Gardiner Street Arts Collective sale of artworks is commission free
  • Multiple users may access the space simultaneously at the discretion of the GSAC Board
  • Opening Events must be closed by 11pm, the venue cleaned prior to public access to exhibition
  • Live Painting Display/Workshop – no holes drilled in walls. Please make hanging arrangements with Co-ordinator.
  • Dance Space – No heels or black soled shoes, no sharp objects. Sweep floor, use mop provided, using only water and wooden floor cleaner.

    Code of Conduct

    We welcome you to the Community Shared Arts-Space of Gardiner Street. With a few simple procedures we request you adhere to, we can provide a space both clean, exciting and welcoming for all to express their talents and learn new skills.

    Please use the checklist below to ensure all rooms to be left as you find them. Remember, no paint on walls, and no holes created in any wall! Thankyou!

    Yours in Community,
    The Board
    Gardiner Street Arts Collective


    1. Sign in
    2. Turn all lights on that are required
    3. Switch on Air Conditioner if required
    4. Check the inside bathroom and kitchen for cleanliness, photograph, if not up to standard please contact GSAC Co-ordinator on 0427 745 015


    1. Turn off all lights
    2. Switch off Air Conditioner, replace remote control on top of shelving beneath airconditioner
    3. Sweep ALL Floors
    4. Check kitchen for cleanliness
    5. Wash and dry all dishes and put away in cupboards
    6. Wipe down all items/equipment that have been used and put away
    7. Check bathroom for cleanliness
    8. Clean bathroom, clean toilet
    9. Ensure ALL doors are locked
    10. Photograph kitchen, bathroom and locked door, completed checklist and send immediately to GSAC Co-ordinator on 0427 745 015
    11. Sign out

    Venue Hire Price List

    Gardiner Street Arts Collective look forward to hosting your next
    Exhibition or Workshop. We provide the unique space in a heritage building for sharing skills, expressing artistic creativity in all its forms to young and old. Enjoy …

    Yours in Community,
    The Board
    Gardiner Street Arts Collective

    $200.00 Bond – secures booking

    $30.00 per hour (Pilates, Meeting)

    $50.00 | 7:30am – 12:30pm 5 hrs (Art Exhibition)

    $150.00 |7:30am – 5:30pm  | 10 hrs (Art Exhibition)

    $50.00 |6pm – 10pm  | 4 hrs (Art Exhibition)

    $25.00 per hour – GSAC displaying art on behalf of exhibitor


    $750.00 per week

    Opening Times:

    Weekdays 9:30am – 3:30pm
    Weekends 9am – 12noon

    Use of Glasses, Tables and Chairs
    Artist to supply own beverages
    Marketing: GSAC Social Media/Newsletter/Website

    $1,150.00 for 2 weeks

    Opening Times:

    Weekdays 9:30am – 3:30pm
    Weekends 9am – 12noon

    Use of Glasses, Tables & Chairs
    Artist to supply own beverages
    Marketing: GSAC Social Media/Newsletter/Website













    Extra Marketing:
    Northern Valley News
    $50.00 one off payment to GSAC

    Cleaning Fee:
    If workspace is not cleaned by choice or inadequately clean after end of event/workshop a cleaning fee of $200 will be levied.

    Booking Request Form

    To ensure that we have the information we need to facilitate your event, we require the below information to be completed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on

    Event Details

    Contact Information

    Room Hire


    GSAC undertakes to create event on Gardiner Street Arts Collective Facebook Page. GSAC undertakes to include this event in next edition of Gardiner Street Arts Collective Newsletter.


    Hire Details

    $ 0.00






    Postal Address: PO BOX 130, Moora WA 6510

    Residential Address: 97 Gardiner Street, Moora WA 6510

    Contact: 0429 500 021