GSAC Inventory

The Collective has existing chairs, glassware, pinboard, tables, and other items that are available for use with the hire of our spaces. Please see below images of the inventory.

GSAC inventory

1 x Cane Chair Large
8 x Coloured Wooden Chairs
23 x Cafe Chairs (Pink White Washed)
7 x Black Cafe Chairs
3 x Water Glass Jars Large
6 x Champagne Glasses
12 x Wine Glasses
1 x Packet White Servittets
1 x Small White Coffee / Kids Table
4 x Tressel Tables
7 x Wooden Stools
1 x Grey Couch
1 x Red Couch
1 x Long Bench
4 x Wooden Rectangle Tables
1 x Square Table
1 x A-frame Blackboard Sign
1 x Door Gate Into The Ingleby Room (Dance Room)
3 x Easels
1 x Pin Noticeboard
1 X Pinboard (Blue)
5 x Floor Rugs (Big Black And White In Gallery, The Rest In Harmony Room)
1 x Kids Play Cupboard And Toys In Common Room (Music Toys, Books, Wooden Blocks And Some Drawing Pencils)
1 x Inside Toilet
1 x Outside Toilet
2 x Heaters (In Bathroom)






Postal Address: PO BOX 130, Moora WA 6510

Residential Address: 97 Gardiner Street, Moora WA 6510

Contact: 0419 941 098