After many years as a lecturer in visual arts, Dean is now focused on creating paintings in his Moora studio. In March 2019, he held a solo exhibition at the Moores Contemporary Art Gallery in Fremantle and later in that year, successfully sold three of his paintings at an exhibition held at DG Cabinets Picture Framing in Moora.

Dean has been invited to exhibit his work at The Other Art Fair in Sydney, September 2020 and was selected in the top 20 artists by the Director of The Other Art Fair, Luke Potkin. He was also acknowledged in the Autumn edition of Art Edit magazine. His work is represented in private collections throughout Australia, Western Australian Government public art collection and Greening Australia.

The works on display are influenced by his travels around the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Dean uses an abstract-aerial perspective style showing a patchwork of paddocks. On some of his paintings he uses dark, blue-black strips to symbolise roads criss-crossing the countryside. Dean’s choice of colours are often influenced by what he sees and experiences on his travels, from the yellow canola to fields of wildflowers.  He does not look at one moment in time but utilizes how the colour of crops change over a growing season.

KERRY LEIGH ARTlocal Moora artist, Kerry Leigh!

Kerry is an emerging artist from Western Australia who works with thick impasto paints to create textured patterns.

From a distance her artwork may appear two dimensional, however, on closer inspection the work reveals a three-dimensional textured image, engaging the viewer through its structure, colour, and mesmerising patterns.

Kerry is currently working on various abstract botanical, rain, and confetti paintings.

Many of the works featured will be for sale. Simply contact the Collective to purchase or to learn more about any of the works on display.


We have welcomed local artist, Shireen Manning, to the Collective for our second Drive by Exhibition.

Shireen’s artwork focuses on the beauty around us all. Her medium of choice is mixed media.

Her goal – to invoke pleasure, tension and excitement in the viewer.

Shireen is currently working on a large commissioned botanical piece, and an even larger farm landscape.

Shireen also works on smaller floral drawings, landscapes and, as if this isn’t enough, funky crocheted footstool covers.

All of Shireen’s featured art is available for purchase. Simply contact the Collective to purchase or to learn more about any of the works on display.





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