In true form, we didn’t ‘AGM’ the way that others do, we did it our way! We are super proud to welcome Kerry Leigh, Shiloh Bailey and James House to our GSAC Board for 2021 – we love that our community arts hub is growing and cannot wait to share more of our upcoming calendar. 

Once the formal AGM agenda items had been ticked off, we commenced with a brainstorming session to see what creative pursuits we wanted to see here at your community arts collective in 2021. Watch out – we’ve got a lot coming for you!

The longed-for (dreaded… anyone…?) school holidays are upon us and we are thrilled to welcome Kerry Munns back with her wonderful painting workshop designed to keep small people creating. Head over to our website to book your tix for April 15’s workshop.

Keep on creating!

Ny x


MIND. BLOWN. Seriously, our collective minds were blown by Annette Carmichael’s ‘Beauty Index’ as performed here in Moora. Combining local men with professional dancers, the performance was evocative, raw and powerful.  The contemporary dance piece was hailed a huge success! Behind the scenes, this project is so much more than a once-off performance. Ms Carmichael commented “this project looks at how being creative makes people happy…but a happiness that comes when things are really hard, and you find in yourself a way to keep moving forward…”. Congratulations to our local dancers, Little Mick Rodan Josh Glover and Nkululeko Nkiwane on their incredible journey from their day jobs to contemporary dancers over the course of the project.

The Gardiner Street Arts Collective hosted our first children’s Still Life exhibition. Artworks from children all across our region were entered, with over 100 works creating a delightfully colourful exhibition. If GSAC’s exhibition has got your little o

GSAC’s coordinator, Sarah Murray, hosted a Vision Board session in the Ingleby Room. The stunning mandala installation created by Sarah set the tone for a night of weaving magic into the souls of everyone in the room. Sarah states that “the key to manifestation is to feel the way you want before the thing is in your reality. You come the vibrational match for the thing by living it now, in your present.” Sarah urges her guests to give themselves permission to feel excited about the possibilities that are available to them through manifestation.