Welcome to Djeran. Djeran is one of the six Nyoongar seasons. It marks the end of the very hot weather, and the beginning of the rainy season. Here at Gardiner Street Collective Djeran marks the commencement of a raft of new and existing activities. 

Guess who’s back? Yarn Club is back! Kicking off at 10am on Tuesday each week. Just come along to the Gardiner Street Arts Collective with your creative spirit and anything you might need to get yourself ‘yarning’.

I had the privilege of being the artist in residence with the North Midlands Project as part of their Ebb and Flow project. My work residency included workshops at six schools across the region – such a buzz to work with creative kids! I am also thrilled to have the opportunity to create new work in collaboration with the North Midlands community in response to my experience with Ebb and Flow. Art really is a universal language that brings communities together. 

School holidays are upon us, and we are ready to go a little loopy with our Kandinsky for Kids workshops – think freedom, colour, creativity and flow! Tickets are on-sale now. 

We encourage everyone within our region to pop into the Collective, follow us on social media and join us in our creative journey. 

Keep Creating

Ny x 


Gardiner Street Arts Collective is welcoming Jade Stoney to the fold as their new Coordinator. Mrs Stoney is a well-known community member, who understands the value of the arts in regional communities. “When a new job presents itself and you truly believe that if you enjoy your job, then you never have to work again, you know that you have found the right vocation,” said Mrs Stoney when speaking of her appointment to the GSAC role. “Arts play an important role in rural communities, connecting people and groups together. I am really looking forward to welcoming all existing and new friends of the Collective to the space to experience all that GSAC has to offer.”

Community is so much more than a group of individuals. Community is a shared narrative, a sense of belonging, the telling of stories and the feeling of belonging. The Gardiner Streets Arts Collective in Moora is again helping enhance that sense of community by hosting a ten-week workshop series, facilitated by Madeline Anderson with funding from RDA and NEDS. This week’s workshop was a feast for the soul as workshop guests were taken on a creative journey exploring culture, country, and soul. 

Music has been a constant here at the Gardiner Street Arts Collective, and Judy Barrett has taken her budding students to new heights with her gentle teachings this year. Genevieve Smith loves her weekly piano lessons. “Living in a rural community it is sometimes difficult to find extra-curricular activities that engage and excite my children. Piano lessons have been an amazing outlet for my daughter who looks forward to weekly lessons and enjoys practicing the piano,” says Genevieve’s mother, Danelle Smith. 

The Gardiner Street Gardeners are toiling away in the community garden, with a planned ‘Sow, Grow and Harvest” day on Saturday 9th April at 9am. The Gardeners are primed and ready to plant following on from some early season rainfall and the donation of seeds. Head Gardener, Cindy Brassington, encourages community members to “come for a wander down the lane…  grab a coffee at Jeanne d Moore and come next door and have a look or join in. Everyone is welcome in the garden at any time. If you want to donate a punnet of veggie seedlings or some seeds, they will be most welcome but not a requirement. We just want you to enjoy our community garden,” said Ms Brassington.