the main thing in Art is often is letting go of your expectation and your ideas” Agnes martin

Ummm, COVID clearly didn’t get the memo that it wasn’t welcome in our plans for 2021 and yet, here we are! Leaving behind a year that can only be describe as a “timeless thriller, black comedy and horror flick rolled into one “our household had more twists and turns than a Harry Potter Quidditch game! My learnings? I am a terrible teacher but great at recess and lunch games! My art classes with the kids consisted of every site downloaded to man with virtual galleries.

Zoom meetings became the norm and ideas for creativity grew. Gardiner street Arts collective was the rose growing out of the pavement. The connections, the fun and the joy raised for us as a board and created a culture that overflowed into a community. Creativity and imaginations hinder the growth of anxiety and depression. It allows us to understand and revaluate our future as well as making us enjoy the present moment.

Your community arts collective needs your help! We would love you to come on board to the GSAC family in a way that showcases your talents . We are now open to bookings for workshops, exhibitions and classes. If this isn’t your thing then be a member and volunteer your talent. Come make some new creative friends. Floor sweepers and gallery attendants are held in very high regard… and BTW you don’t have to be creative, we will help you become one….

We are slowly renovating our meditation come change room come media room . this room will be dedicated to soothing workshops for the soul. A projection set-up for movie nights and to be hired out for anything from drama to scrap booking and singing lessons.

WE are open … Our AGM will be a delightful sundowner to meet and greet and open to questions and answers. (time to be advised)

Before I go, I quick word about our INCREDIBLE (seriously, I am not biased, it’s a universally acknowledged truth!) exhibition / grand opening / Christmas party last year – THANK YOU! Your support of this event had us grinning from ear to ear. We are YOUR community arts collective and we are so thrilled that you love the arts just as much as we do. 

Keep on creating!

Ny x


2021 brings with it some exciting new projects for the Collective, including our community garden initiative, art exhibitions, dance, workshops, live performances and music lessons. Wes and his band of merry music makers at the Moora School of Music are already back into lessons; with new and old students loving being back. Miss Roxanne and Miss Kelly kick off 8th of February with Roxanne’s Dance Workshops. If you are keen to join any of the activities here at the Collective, please hit up our social media pages or our website www.gardinerstreetartscollective.com.au 

The Collective will commence planning and construction of our Community Garden early this year, with funding from the Shire of Moora making this project possible. We have local garden gurus Joey Seymour and Tracy Humphrey at the helm of this project and cannot wait to get stuck into the garden. In case you missed the news of our community garden, here’s a little recap. The Gardiner Street Arts Collective is planning to create a community garden located at the rear of the premises. Ideas have been gathered from community members and local gardening gurus who have donated their time and expertise to this project. The goals for the garden are to further enhance the Collective for both visitors, locals and artists; to foster a friendly, supportive and spirited community of all ages using the Collective; demonstrate gardening as a creative pursuit to local children using recycling, low-cost options and water wise principles to create a living art piece; to welcome another group within the Moora community into the combined arts space; to provide opportunity for showcasing indigenous gardening of local plants, providing opportunity for story telling in the future in a safe and welcoming environment for all ages; to create a safe, meditative environment for those wishing to participate in arts activities who may need time out in a relaxing environment using aroma and colour as therapeutic modalities and; to give extra space and the natural environment as an opportunity for people to socialise and bond in a welcoming environment, that facilitates growth and sustainability. The Collective are so excited to be developing up this project and cannot to share the planning and construction with our community. 

The final event at the Gardiner Street Arts Collective for 2020 showcased local artists and musicians with over 200 guests through the Collective on the evening of the Grand Opening. Congratulations to the Moora School of Music who led a marching band through the centre of town to the opening and continued strongly with performances in the Collective throughout the evening. Local artwork sold at a pace of knots, with art-lovers spoilt for choice with the selection of original work available.