We have just entered “Djeran”, the Noogar season represented by green as it is the time of the year where the cooler weather begins. This season sees the bright fruits of the zamia become ripe, the beginning of hunting of land animals like the yongka (kangaroo). We welcome “Djeran” and the beautiful green it lends to our landscape. 

These are my very most favourite weeks – the weeks when our Arts Collective is literally buzzing with activity! From dancers to music makers to art curators – there is movement, there is sound and there is certainly candy for our eyes!

We welcome Dean O’Callaghan’s exhibition “From the City to the Bush” this month, kicking off with an opening night at Friday 4th June at 6pm. Join us at Gardiner Street Arts Collective for an evening of conversation, art, and happiness.  The exhibition will be open from ten until four each day from the 5th until the 11th of June. 

We were also thrilled to host the incredible Emma-Jane with her basket weaving workshop to the Collective – the vibe of the day was all about story telling through the arts. Each of our workshop guests left with a woven mini-basket and stories to nourish their soul.

It’s a beautiful world we live in, with the children we welcome to our Collective every day reminding us that “every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” (Pablo Picsasso). Feed your inner artist and keep on creating! 

Ny x 


Conversation and storytelling are a way of life for many of us. We use stories to teach, we use stories to remember, and we use stories to celebrate. Emma-Jane Hunt is a Yjindibarndi and Djaru woman who quite literally weaves her stories into art. Emma-Jane was taught to weave when living in the East Pilbara by Martu Weavers from the Western Desert. Emma-Jane shared her skills, her passion, and her stories with guests at her Basket Weaving workshop. The nine novice weavers all did amazingly, with Emma-Jane commenting “this gorgeous group of women managed to talk for three hours, and the soul of these conversations is transferred into the weaves of their baskets. 

Do you dream of weaving your story using words? Have you always dreamed of writing but don’t know where to begin? The Gardiner Street Arts Collective is ready to welcome you to a weekend of writing workshops hosted by The Society of Women Writers WA. These workshops are suitable for all writers, and are run by experienced, award-winning writers. Helen Iles is an author and poets; whilst Maria Bonar writes non-fiction, short stories, poetry and erotic fiction. Jump onto www.gardinerstreetartscollective.com.au to book your seat at the writers’ table. 

In a surprising twist, Gardiner Street Arts Collective hosted a room full of babies (and their carers) with barely a peep out the mouths of babes for four hours! These babes must have known that the maternity care and support day was filled with life-affirming wisdom from four passionate experts. Sharon, Michelle and Chelsea shared their knowledge of baby-led approaches to feeding, sleep and play, plus important women’s health issues. The One of Women team made special mention of Marie and Tina from Jeanne D’Moore for their incredible lunchtime spread and to volunteers Kylie Hall and Louise House whose busy hands ensured the day ran smoothly.