What does art do? Art is a means of expression, it’s a place to go where time disappears, where we elevate our mood and nourish our souls. 

Witnessing community members young and old streaming in through the door for dance, for Moora School of Music lessons and our more ‘mature’ FOBs group, reminds me that art truly is for everyone. Be it movement, music, visual or aural – art is all encompassing.

The joy of watching the Collective come to life, is truly uplifting – our goal of creating a shared, meaningful, multifunctional space for people of all ages is coming to fruition. 

This coming week sees Kerry Munns hosting our very first artist workshops, the Perth Symphony Orchestra jamming with our Community and the continuation of all things MSoM and dance!

Nyree Taylor

Creative Director – Gardiner Street Arts Collective 


Where to begin? We have been working away with the Shire of Moora and Perth Symphony Orchestra to formulate the most incredible workshops and concert.

Can you imagine a room of children singing along with the professional musicians from the Perth Symphony Orchestra? So can I! Our ‘Come Sing’ workshop on Friday April 3 is aimed at school children.  Our workshop participants will ‘Shake it Off’ Taylor Swift style while singing with an orchestra! 

Following on from our Friday workshop and evening concert, we are pumped to present ‘Come Play With Us’. ‘Come Play With Us’ is open to all over the age of ten. How will it work? Each participant will bring along their instrument (we have a piano and a drum set on-site, but just one of each!) and jam with the PSO. INXS song Never Tear Us Apart is the song of the day and we anticipate a fantastic combination of guitars, woodwind, strings, brass – any instrument you play, we can accommodate. Participants will need to register in advance so we can send you the appropriate part to play.

We’ve also had our very first artist workshops this past week at the Collective. The ridiculously talented Kerry Munns has shared her knowledge with our workshop guests to create abstract flowers using a pallet knife and brushwork. The combination of techniques lends a thickness and texture to the artwork – this loose style of painting has no structure, and no rules meaning that our workshop participants could go crazy with the colour and creativity! 

Keen to get involved or chasing more information? Call the Collective’s Coordinator, Rikki Smith, on 0427 745 015 or jump onto our Facebook page.