Mind. Blown. Entirely. 

With massive thanks to Regional Arts WA, I recently took part in a Creative Leadership Programme in Broome. Facilitated by the incredible Dr Shona Erskine, this intensive two-day course teaches the practical skills needed to build and strengthen leadership skills within your profession or community. These skills are then given context through workshopping. I have come away with a deeper understanding of how to harness the creativity that exists in everyone. Using this shared creativity to connect and communicate in a manner such that the results can be life changing. I have come back bursting with ideas to share and personal learnings that see me reframing my own habits. 

The skill set around habit forming behaviours and positive change is applicable to our farming enterprise, to parenting and, of course, to my creative pursuits. It was such a wonderful two days, surrounded by extraordinary creatives, local government officers from the Pilbara and Kimberly… so wonderful, in fact, that we are bringing the programme to Moora! Oh yes! March 2022 will be the time to join us for the Creative Leadership Programme. If you spot me in town, come up and have a chat – I have so much to tell you!

Before I sign off, I must share the love about the workshops we held this past month. Big thanks to the lovely Glenda (aka BasketCase Lady) for her creative and patient tutelage in basket making. We love the process of weaving; Glenda shares that the path of weaving a basket is an adventure and the twists and turns are not to be controlled but embraced. 

We had such a diverse group at the Collective, with people coming from Kellerberrin, Wongan Hills, Geraldton, Ballidu, Jurien and, of course, Moora. 

Oh, wait! And the Scared Soul Retreat! The Retreat provided the space for guests to breathe, to rest, to connect and to retreat. An hour of restorative yoga with Davina Hamilton, with connection over herbal teas, then an hour of sound-healing with kinesiologist Liz Easton. A sold-out Retreat which is bound to be repeated in 2022. 

Finally, we had the joy and honour of welcoming CO3 to Moora for an interactive bird-making, dance and film. A massive thank you to all of our participants for stepping outside of their comfort zones, and being open to learning, creating and laughing their way through the day. The warmth and joy from Paul and Russell of CO3 made the day even more special. 

Keep Creating

Ny x 


Moora. A community with so much capacity, so much energy and so much generosity. The Gardiner Street Arts Collective’s Creative Director, Nyree Taylor, says she has been humbled by the recent Grant received from Nutrien Ag Solutions. “We are bursting with pride, excitement and all the emotions after being selected as a Grant recipient. Moora Branch Manager, Tim Collins, has been such a strong advocate for the Collective. His endorsement of our Grant and our successful application mean we can now refurbish the Harmony Room. The Harmony Room will act to foster creativity and connection. We will also install exhibition display boards for artists’ works,” Ms Taylor said. 

The community garden also welcomed new members to the space. Ladybugs! An army of ladybugs are eating their way through the garden’s aphid population. These bugs may be small, btu they have a mighty appetite. The GSAC Gardener’s encourage you to come down your community garden, pull a couple of weeds and harvest yourself some fresh produce for dinner tonight. Gardener, Rachel Walmsley, has thoughtfully provided signage on how best to harvest the various herbs, foliage and vegetables on offer. 

Local artist, Lyle Gregson, is coming back to the GSAC. Join Lyle on November 13to make marks with fun and laughter Lyle is a dynamic teacher, who truly inspires during her Water Colour Workshops. Jump on to our website or social media to purchase your tickets but be quick!

Gardiner Street’s weekly events hosting Moora School of Music, Yarn Club, Mother’s Group and No-Lights No-Lycra are going strong. The Moora School of Music held a mini-concert with Mrs Barrett last Friday to much praise from proud parents and friends. These performances give our budding musician a taste of performing and the skill of having the confidence to make music for an audience. The Yarn Club’s ongoing project is making colourful squares to join to create shade cloths and add colour to the Community Garden. Join the messenger group for more information or jump onto the website or Facebook to learn more.