School holidays are nearly done, our farmers are busying themselves getting headers ready and the weather is warming up – can you even believe we’re in October? I took the past week to disconnect from technology and reconnect with friends, family and nature in the north-west of WA. Give me the sun, the sand and saltwater and I am a happy human. 

Feeling all rejuvenated and spritely, here at GSAC we cannot wait to host CO3’s Regional Tour “Under the Same Sky” on October 18 from 3:30pm. CO3 is WA’s contemporary dance company. Driven by excellence and collaboration, CO3 has become a platform for the exchange of ideas and stories that reflect the experiences of the community. CO3 seeks to empower and inspire the next generation of artists through their engagement programs. Moora is thrilled to have been selected, along with Broome and Karratha, to host CO3. 

Keep in mind that our community exhibition in December is open for your artwork, simply keep an eye on our social media to see further details. Don’t forget about our Bush Basket Making Workshop on Saturday 23 October for a Bush Basket Making Workshop. Using recycling and found materials, Glenda will teach you how to make your very own basket that you will complete and take home with you. Jump over to our Socials to book your ticket. 

Keep Creating

Ny x 


Moora’s community garden at the Gardiner Street Arts Collective is providing so much joy for those involved and we welcome all-comers to visit, harvest some herbs, vegetables or foliage and enjoy being in the sunshine. Cindi Brassington, Head Gardener, has been splashing around some water with this warmer weather and discovered all manner of plants ready to be harvested. 

“I love the flowers coming on the citrus trees and there are still some broccolis, carrots, silver beet, kale that can be picked, along with several herbs. The potatoes have sprouted well and the corn that was only planted about 10 days ago has popped through,” said Cindi. “The silver beet has some amazing colours, which made for a delicious pasata sauce the other night – nothing like home-grown veggies!” she enthused. Go ahead and check it out for yourself. 

Local healers, Liz Easton (kinesiologist) and Davina Hamilton (yoga instructor) are hosting GSAC’s annual Sacred Soul Retreat. This event is a deep dive into YOU. 

Join two of our local healers for a soul-nourishing afternoon. Our annual Sacred Soul Retreat is a deep dive into YOU. This Retreat is for those ready to immerse themselves in an afternoon of total relaxation and self-exploration. Each particpant will experience a space intentionally designed to be quiet, re-calibrate the mind, and re-ground your energy. With a beautiful altar installation to set the space, local Yoga teacher Davina Hamilton will take you through a 1hr yoga session which will be followed by an hour of guided relaxation meditation. Small group teachings will allow for an intimate and personal experience. Following the sessions, you will be offered afternoon tea including herbal teas and raw treats and an opportunity to chat and connect with like-minded friends. Please head to the Gardiner Street Arts Collective website (www.gardinerstreetartscollective.com.au) to learn more and book your ticket.

Come along to our much-anticipated CO3 “Under the Same Sky” dance workshops on October 18 from 3:30pm. Led by a professional Co3 dance teaching artist, participants will be guided through a warm-up, movement activities and creative tasks, that aim to foster imagination, collaboration with community members, and confidence in communicating. This one-off workshop will support participants to explore new and unique ways of moving their bodies and invites them to be brave and curious in sharing ideas and discoveries! The workshop is suitable for all experience levels and runs for approximately one hour.