Pram parking was at a premium at Gardiner Street Art collective on Sunday as Moora mums and mums to be gathered to learn more about the joyful but often tricky journey of motherhood.

After CEO Kate Robertson introduced the services offer and the mission of One for Women, Sharon Perrella; UWA breastfeeding researcher, mother of three, midwife, and lactation specialist guided us through the biomechanics and business of breastfeeding; normalising difficulties, busting myths on effects of mothers diets and some tips to establish a good supply. It was great to see ladies freely ask questions about issues they had encountered and a dynamic discussion ensued.

Next up child health nurse and mum of two, Michelle spoke about a gentle baby-led approach to sleep and brain development and some nifty ideas for low-cost, homemade play toys to stimulate sensory development. Her kind and gentle approach focused on reading baby’s cues and affirming our natural instincts for sleep, comfort, and play.

Chelsea, Kelleberrin girl, and women health physio at one for women gave us the most entertaining and vibrant run-through of all things ‘downtown’ ( downstairs !?) post-baby and building strength back in our bodies to deal with upcoming demands. With the aid of a brave volunteer and a portable ultrasound machine we saw the pelvic floor in action and what pelvic floor exercises actually look like on the inside!

With heads bursting with a wealth of useful information we relaxed over a sensational lunch spread from Jeanne D’Moore and mums could have some one-on-one chats with any of the ladies who were happy to talk through further questions. Meanwhile, the babies, who obviously picked up that it was in their best interests to snooze while their mothers sponged up the oncoming information, oogled each other, and had a lovely playtime with their baby friends.

Thanks to the generosity of the One for Women Ladies who traveled up to share their wisdom with us and all who supported the event. We hope to run another exciting program in September so for anyone who didn’t make it to this one, stay tuned for more!

Download the OFW support material from the day here.