Sacred Soul Retreat

Join two of our local healers for a soul-nourishing afternoon


Join two of our local healers for a soul-nourishing afternoon

Our annual Sacred Soul Retreat is a deep dive into YOU.

Date: Saturday, 16th October 
please arrive at 12:45 pm for a 1 pm start
What to bring:
yoga mat, water bottle, pillow, warm clothing, and rugs
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This is for those ready to immerse themselves in an afternoon of total relaxation and self-exploration. You will experience a space intentionally designed to help you be quiet, re-calibrate your mind, and re-ground your energy. With a beautiful altar installation to set the space, local Yoga teacher Davina Hamilton will take you through a 1hr yoga session that is a combination of active vinyasa and restorative yoga. This will then be followed by a 1-hour guided relaxation meditation using an assortment of Tibetan bowls, gongs and other earth instruments by Kinesiologist and Sound Therapist Liz Easton. Participants will be split into two groups to allow for an intimate and personal experience. Following the sessions, you will be offered afternoon tea including herbal teas and raw treats and an opportunity to chat and connect with like-minded friends.

The retreat is held in our beautiful Gardiner Street Arts Collective building and will be an intimate and beautiful experience where we can feel supported, safe, happy and free to be ourselves.

Learn more about Davina and Liz and their offerings below.

What to bring to the Retreat

Please bring along with you a yoga mat or something to lay on, a rug or enough clothing to keep you warm, a water bottle, and a pillow.

If you’re new to meditation and/or yoga, don’t worry, all you need is an open mind and heart and to trust that you will be held and supported by both healers and those around you.

Sound Healing by Liz Easton

The journey of sound creates a stillness of mind, allowing the individual to put the hustle and bustle of the outside world on pause whilst going within. Sound meditation connects us to a deeper part of ourselves, softening our sensors, our body and our thoughts, so true rest and healing of body, mind and soul can be achieved.

For 1 hour you will be on a guided relaxation meditation, with an assortment of Tibetan bowls, gongs and other earth instruments.

About Liz 

Liz Easton is a Kinesiologist, Sound Therapist, farmer and family member. She loves working with people to help them relax, raise their awareness and intent to create the life they desire.

Yoga by Davina Hamilton

This 1hr yoga session is a combination of active vinyasa and restorative yoga, a class I love to teach. This class is great for people who find it hard to find physical stillness and slow the chatter of the mind. I have often noticed that after moving through a brief but active vinyasa, transitioning to a series of restorative postures, the body will more naturally find ease in stillness and the mind a little more grace in the quietness of a restorative practice, allowing the healing benefits of restorative yoga to occur. I feel so privileged to be able to share yoga with you and look forward to seeing you there.

About Davina

After the birth of my daughter, I struggled to find the balance and calm in my life that I craved in the chaos of my new role in life and a return to my yoga practice began to restore some of the balance to my life. After stalking a teacher training program for some time I decided it was time to enrol and in 2017 I commenced the intensive Yoga Teacher Training program through Tamara Yoga, graduating in 2019. The training was life-changing and brought so much joy and lightness to my days. It brought about a gentle understanding that yoga is for everyone, whether it is a vigorous vinyasa, a healing restorative class, a deep yin practice or simply bringing awareness to the breath to help restore calm when life gets a little hectic.






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