We are all settling down into a routine… or not settling into a routine, depending on our own homes. Time to our selves when in lockdown with family can be hard. Just as hard is sitting still, on your own and wanting to something other than reading, watching tv or doing the never-ending washing. That feeling of Ground Hog day… 

The Benedictine Order are expert at ‘being’ and at daily rituals. They have six prayer sessions per day, 72 chapters to live by in their rule book, there is mass, there is work. Whilst we are not Benedictine, we are not all seeking God, we can all realise that ‘just being’ is enough. Maybe our crazy selves are just fine the way they are. That maybe if we are seeking something divine, it is waiting for us, waiting for us to have the time to truly listen. 

With that in your minds, we would love to add to your weekly routine – a drawing class! Running over the coming five weeks, GSAC will be running a free 40-minute weekly drawing class. Drawing is a wonderful tool for mindfulness, excellent for anxiety and completely free. Remember drawing on the beach with just a stick, seaweed and shells as your tools? By the end of our five-week course you will have the confidence to whip out your sketch book and dazzle your mates with one eye open, straight arm at the end, measuring every cup and kettle you come across! Watch our social media posts for more details on how to join in the creativity. 

Stay safe and happy. 

Nyree Taylor

Creative Director – Gardiner Street Arts Collective 


All tutu’ed up and nowhere to dance? Never fear, your dance teacher Nyree is here! Nyree is 

 teaching introductory ballet lessons via Zoom. This means that your tiny tot can still get their toes twinkling and their hearts smiling. Our very first virtual lesson was a huge success – Nyree ran the lesson professionally and our hearts were filled with joy to see so many dancers dressed in their ballet outfits, hair done and ready to dance. 

The Collective is also proud to introduce our very first Drive-by Art Exhibition! Our Exhibition will ‘open’ as from Tuesday 5 May. Our Drive-By Exhibition will be our very FIRST art exhibition here at the Collective. Nothing like kicking off our exhibitions with something a little bit different!

Art works will be displayed in easels in the beautifully large windows of the Collective. The purchasing of these display easels was made possible by funding from the CBH Group’s Grass Roots Funding program. Check out our exhibition as you’re passing by Gardiner Street. You don’t even have to get out of the comfort of your car…

Our first exhibiting artist is… drum roll please…. local Moora artist, Kerry Leigh! Kerry is an emerging artist from Western Australia who works with thick impasto paints to create textured patterns. From a distance her artwork may appear two dimensional, however on closer inspection the work reveals a three-dimensional textured image, engaging the viewer through its structure, colour and mesmerising patterns. Kerry is currently working on various abstract botanical, rain and confetti paintings.

Many of the works featured will be for sale. Simply contact the Collective to purchase or to learn more about any of the works on display.